Artist Statement for Art & Technology Program

Interest in the Art & Technology Program: I am drawn to the Art & Technology program by its dynamic fusion of creativity and innovation. This interdisciplinary approach aligns perfectly with my inherent curiosity and fervent desire to delve into the symbiotic relationship between art and technology. Specifically, I am drawn to exploring how advancements in digital tools and techniques can enhance traditional artistic practices, such as sculpture and printmaking. Additionally, I am fascinated by the potential of interactive media and immersive technologies to transform the viewer’s experience of art, blurring the boundaries between the physical and virtual realms. Through interdisciplinary exploration, I aim to uncover new possibilities for creative expression and push the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums. I am particularly thrilled about the prospect of utilizing cutting-edge digital mediums, such as virtual reality (VR) and data visualization software, as powerful tools for artistic expression and addressing pressing socio-environmental concerns. I am eager to explore the immersive capabilities of VR to create impactful experiences that convey the urgency of environmental issues, allowing viewers to empathize with the plight of our planet in unprecedented ways. Additionally, I am excited to experiment with data-driven art forms, leveraging data visualization techniques to communicate complex environmental data in accessible and engaging ways. By harnessing these digital tools, I aim to amplify awareness of socio-environmental challenges and inspire meaningful action towards positive change.

Aesthetic and Creative Interests: My aesthetic and creative interests lie in the exploration of contradictions and juxtapositions, particularly within the realm of nature and technology. I am fascinated by the tension between the organic and the synthetic, and I seek to unravel the profound connection between humanity and the natural world through my art.

Admired Artists and Influences: I admire artists who push the boundaries of traditional artistic paradigms and challenge conventional perceptions. Artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Anish Kapoor and Nam June Paik inspire me with their ability to create immersive experiences that provoke introspection and engage the senses. Their innovative use of technology and materials serve as a source of inspiration for my own artistic practice.

Choosing Medium or Technology: I choose digital mediums as my tools for expression due to their versatility and transformative potential. Digital technology offers me a unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate traditional artistic techniques with cutting-edge innovations, allowing for the creation of dynamic and immersive artworks that challenge perceptions and spark meaningful dialogue. For instance, I utilize projection mapping techniques to imbue static artworks with dynamic visual elements, transforming gallery spaces into immersive environments that invite viewers to actively engage with the artwork. By blending traditional craftsmanship with digital ingenuity, I attempt to push the boundaries of artistic expression and evoke thought-provoking responses from audiences.

Sense of Self: Originally from Chile and having lived for 38 years, my artistic vision is deeply influenced by the vibrant culture and diverse landscapes of my homeland. Growing up amidst the lively streets of Santiago and the captivating allure of the Andes Mountains, I developed a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of nature and human existence. This upbringing ignited within me a sense of curiosity and a deep respect for the environment, which serves as a foundational influence in my artistic endeavors. I firmly believe in the transcendent power of art to bridge cultural divides, fostering empathy and understanding. Through my work, I aspire to provoke contemplation, instigate change, and cultivate connections between individuals and the world they inhabit.